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If you have been paying attention to our Facebook page you probably noticed that an article was written about Shawn in Modern Drummer Magazine!  Click Here to Read It!

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Please enjoy the trailer for our DVD Soundtrack for Nosferatu!

About this site

When worlds collide, you get a spectacular event, which pushes the boundaries of the musical universe….


World Collision is an eclectic group of musicians and artists, whose talents integrate seamlessly, creating a new genre of music. Living up to their name, World Collision fuses instruments and rhythms from around the world and delivers powerful new music, packed with energy and emotion, leaving the audience spellbound. As unique as the artists, many of the instruments are hand crafted by the musicians themselves and the vocals deliver melodies that wake the dead and make dancers of the living. Their music blends the world of tribal rhythms with progressive modern Rock and Roll, enchanting the Shaman to dance and turn the volume all the way up, with World Collision!

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