lead vocals, percussion, lyricist...


Hearing her first quad-drum line at age 2, she has had very thick roots in rhythm throughout her life from an early age. Jett began classical piano training at age 6 and began composing shortly thereafter.  She inherited her first acoustic guitar at age 16.  Throughout her early school years, she has had 6 years of classical clarinet training and is self taught on various handmade woodwind instruments.  Also she inherited her first djembe during this time and began frequenting local drum circles.  Vocals came naturally as she found herself in several different bands throughout high school and college mostly in the alternative/rock/ska vein.  Always experimenting with different sounds instrumentally and vocally, she had a natural lean into the early electronic music scene as she had a strong desire to sing and produce. She began writing electronic music and singing for the genre of drum and bass through collaborations with artists and producers all over the world.  As she continues her electronic music she has recently found a home with World Collision as their lead singer.  The musical variety of the band members and the collective pursuit of new sound has been the perfect match.         


guitar, harmonium, electric sitar, hammered dulcimer, tank drum, flutes, tongue drum, shahi baaja, bamboo sax, backing vocals...


Shawn is a multi-instumentalist and composer with many years experience, including a tour of duty on Ozzfest with his former hard rock band "Neurotica". His songwriting style has it's roots in the sounds of Zeppelin and Sabbath but has expanded to include many world music sounds and styles especially sounds from the far east. He owns a small music store that specializes in exotic instruments, many from India and Africa, and has learned to play some of them, bringing a new twist to their traditional sounds...


Drums, percussion, bass, backing vocals...


Bezl is a master of drumming and drummaking, formerly of the well recieved psychedelic rock band "PimpSlap The Atmosphere". Unhappy with the average sound of mass produced drum kits, he took matters into his own hands, literally, and carved his own kit out of logs with a chainsaw. They are covered in animal skins and tightned by ropes in the African tradition. He can even make YOU a custom drum or set of them, for a price...


Chuck West

Bassist Extrodinaire


Oringinally from a musical family out of  Rockford, IL, Chuck started playing the guitar at the age of 6.  Thankfully through the encouragement of his family he continued to practice and has been playing in original music groups since the age of 12.  In 2007 Chuck moved to Tampa Bay area and started playing with bands all down the west coast of Florida.   In 2010, Chuck found World Collision and has been instrumental in the development of their progressive sound.


Didgeridoo, Flutes, Bamboo Sax, Drums, Percussion and a whole bunch more


Jeremy is a modern master of the didgeridoo as well as many different flutes and saxaphones, including the especially warm sounding bamboo saxaphones from Eric the Flute Maker. Jeremy is also associated with the drum and didge band "Dragonfly Rhythms", and also works with "Didgeridoo Down Under", an  educational program utilizing the Didgeridoo. His handmade, non-traditional didgeridoos are among the finest on the planet and he makes them from various hardwoods and has a new line of synthetic hand layed fiberglass didges....


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