World Collision Uses Clayton Pics....Do You?

"If you are picky about your pickin'

picks, then pick up some motherpickin' Clayton picks..." - Shawn & Chuck

Guitar Picks and accessories from Steve Clayton, Inc.

Links for YouTube

World Collision - YouTube Page

Didges Christ Superdrum - YouTube Page

Obishawnkenobi - YouTube Page


Bands and Other Industry Friends

Michael Martin is a crazy cat who bounces between the UK and South Africa and anywhere else in the world he can play Didge and        electronic music.  You have to check him out,  their videos rock!

Jett drum&bass - World Collision Singer in her other projects.

ObiShawnKenobi - World Collision multi-instrumentalist Shawn Bowen in one of his many projects

MySpace? of course we have one...

Bezl - The Myspace home of Bezl

DidgRevolution - DidgRevolution is the home of Didgeridoo Down Under, one of the best multi-cultural programs on the planet.  Check them out for some Australian Themed Edu-Tainment! 

Dragonfly Rhythms - Lindsey Dank and Jeremy Lembo in the Drum and Didge group.

Links for Independent Music to Listen & Buy

CD Baby! buy independant music

DigStation!  download independant music

You License! license independant music

I M Radio! independant internet radio

Links for Merchandise and other things

Superior Screen Prints: 

Want to know where we get our Awesome Shirts and Hoodies.... Let me tell ya, the guys down there at Superior Screen Prints are in fact..Superior.  Superior Screen Prints is a great reputable business with an excellent and experienced staff.  We were there for the printing of our shirts and they have everything needed to make a professional product, like our shirts, which will last a long time...

Superior Screen Prints

1061 George Jenkins Blvd.

Lakeland, FL

Phone: 863-687-2466

Fax: 863-688-6540


Heart's Desire Wood Design by Bezl - If its made of wood Bezl can make it.  From his custom drum kits and djembe's made from logs to custom made guitars not to mention incredible sculptures......check out his site or give him a call to talk about your Heart's Desire...

King Arthur Tools -  Want to make something out of wood yourself?  Well Jeremy of World Collision can help you out there.  Jeremy is an authorized and endorsed reseller of their tools. Drop him an email for the best prices on the net guaranteed for KA Tools products.

Blake Johnson Photography - Do you like the pictures on our site.  Mr. Johnson is one of the best on location photographers around.  He takes your projects seriously and he is not just a guy with a camera, he is a guy with a camera, lots of equipment and vision!  Drop him a line and you too can have some sick shots!

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