This is the second album of World Collision as a full band, released in July of 2011. This album is nothing less than emotion incarnate.  This latest creation combines theatrical instrumentals, some of which can be heard on the Nosferatu DVD, to high energy masterpieces charged, which will rock you to your core. 

Album Title:

On Fire

Release Year:


Record Label:

Eden Song

Track List: 

1. Ich Lieb Dich

2. Sine

3. Lost Corner

4. Minefield

5. Alone Among the Dunes

6. I Swim

7. Almost A Phantom

8. Puzzle Piece

9. Coffins Filled with Earth

10. Let Go

11. Somnambulistic Dream

12. Sliver of Sun

13. GhostShip

14. Sunrise

15. Innocent Figures

16. Tearing Into Night

This is World Collision's sound track to the F.W. Murnau Classic, "Nosferatu".  Oringinally released in 1922, World Collision composed a new sound track to this timeless film incorporating some of the original themes and released the new DVD in 2011.  

DVD Title:


Release Year:


Record Label:

Kimyoo Films / Eden Song 

Track List: 

1. Autumn Nights (Nos. Version)

2. Innocent Figures

3. Almost a Phantom, Part 1

4. Lost Corner

5. True Illusion (Nos. Version)

6. Sliver of Sun (Nos. Version)

7. Tearing Into Night

8. Dinner Is Served

9. Puzzle Piece (Nos. Version)

10. Midnight

11. Somnambulistic Dream

11. Sine

12. Coffins Filled With Earth

13. Almost a Phantom, Part 2

14. Alone Amongst the Dunes

15. I Swim (Nos. Version)

16. Unhallowed Ground

17. Ghostship

18. Sunrise (Nos. Version)

19. Ich Liebe Dich

20. A Shadow at the Door

21. Fracture (Nos. Version)

This is the debut album of World Collision as a full band, released Halloween of 2009. Exotic strings, percussion, woodwinds, and didgeridoo merge with ethereal female vocals to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound...

Album Title:


Release Year:


Record Label:

Eden Song

Track List: 

1. Rain Dance

2. Autumn Nights

3. Strange Energy

4. True Illusion

5. Fracture

6. Desert Ignite

7. Tearing Into Night

8. The Ocean

9. Be Like The Water

10. Essenger

11. Rising Tide

12. Propane

13. As One

This is the World Collision debut album released in July of 2008. It is all instrumental and has Shawn on all instruments except Jeremy on didgeridoo on "A desert at night"

Album Title:


Release Year:


Record Label:

Eden Song

Track List: 

1. Skywater

2. A Desert At Night

3. Without Within

4. Tranceincidental

5. Indonesiac

6. Absentmind

7. Look East

8. Marguerite's Bamboo

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